Meet Electrolux Commercial Department

Meet Electrolux Commercial Department

Electrolux commercial is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality commercial and industrial equipment on a global level for a long time.

Sanitaire Electrolux Commercial is a manufacturer of modern equipment, designed with the latest technology and trends that meet the wishes of the most demanding users. You can make sure of it, read reviews – our customers are satisfied with our products, and they buy our equipment all the time.

Our sales department consists of a dedicated team of employees who are professionals in their field and provide ongoing customer support on a variety of issues related to the installation and maintenance of the equipment supplied.

Using industrial equipment by the Electrolux Company if you want to open your own business or to upgrade an existing one. Reasonable price will provide you the maximum return on investment and a high level of service.

Today, Electrolux works with various global brands, including Zanussi, Alpeninox, Dito Sama, supplying its products to many countries. Based on feedback from our customers, they have no questions about the quality of materials, maintenance, assembly or use. If Electrolux commercial kitchen equipment is at your disposal, you can quickly equip your establishment, be it a bar, cafe or restaurant and take it to a new level.