Gain Instagram Followers As Expressing Or Impressing Tools

Gain Instagram Followers As Expressing Or Impressing Tools

Instagram is a social platform that has established a great influence since today’s generation. It is supposed to be seen as a medium for sharing our experiences without being affected by judgments of people on the experience. In the current scenario, it seems like people have started to treat their lives as part of the “Instagram timeline” rather than doing the exact opposite thing. Despite sharing every moment for the sake of random likes, do we ever take a break to appreciate ourselves?

The idea of the need to be “liked”

To create a base, let’s not dig into the deeper philosophy of life for getting the meaning of it. The most basic distinction of human beings from other living beings is the identity to be known as “the social creatures”. We are thriving in the world full of inter-connections to gain instagram followers for survival.

Like yourself carefree

With the realization of true self-worth, many people have started to let go of toxic influencing factors that did not appreciate the well-being of themselves. This did not stop them from posting on Instagram, rather they started to enjoy the fact that random likes are not equal to the real worth of the moment, but experiencing the moment in the first place is more important.