Spicy Perfume as a Way to Express Yourself

Spicy Perfume as a Way to Express Yourself

Get a spicy fragrance to guide you through cold winters and rainy falls. Cold and crisp air will make the scent seem totally different and absolutely suitable. Usually, you’ll be able to choose from such notes as cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, etc. Let’s find out more about this underrated perfume category and find out why you shouldn’t use it in summer.

The unique impression

It’s very important to pick the most suitable spicy perfume. In order to do it, you should stop at one particular spice you see yourself wearing. Mind that such perfume is like a statement so think what you wish to say with it. Go to Perfume Dor and be amazed by a huge variety of spicy fragrances with notes like ginger, cardamom, clove, etc.

Sometimes this category is called old-fashioned. The perfume is very soothing, comforting, and takes you back in time like in a good old film. Try some classic options like Chanel’s Coco, Jo Malone’s Vetyver, etc. You produce a great first impression if you wear it to the parent-teacher conference, lunch-date, etc.

Avoid it in summer

Most people agree that this is a winter fragrance. One of the reasons is the heaviness of the scent. When heated by the body and outside temperature, the smell will get stronger and can lead to headaches or other inconveniences. Moreover, people tend to look for light, fresh fragrances for summer to help them survive the heat. In winter, however, it’s just fine and keeps you warm and calm.