How To Select The Best Jump Starter For Diesel?

How To Select The Best Jump Starter For Diesel?

While traveling with loads in the back of your truck, you don’t want to get troubled in your journey to your destination. For truck owners, it already is not easy to travel with loads of asset and if the battery gets down considerably in between, it is yet again an obstruction.

Hence, getting the best jump starter for diesel engine is a must. What factors must be kept in mind when you go shopping for your ideal jump starter. The following list should come handy.


People don’t want to carry a heavy jump starter on an already loaded. So lightweight jumpstarters must be preferred

JumpStarts N on charge

The number N here defines the number of times the jumpstarter can be used upon a single charging. Naturally, we are looking for a high value of N here. Generally, a value>20 is considered to be good.


Depending upon the size of the diesel engine, the peak amp capacity must be chosen appropriately.  Generally, an 800Amp jump starter is good enough to power to start a car, lightweight truck or motorcycle. You might need >1000 Amps for large trucks and yachts


As you keep increasing the weight and the peak amp capacity, portability becomes an issue. You need to look for products with the right optimization between compactness as well as capacity. The material used for construction makes a lot of difference to the weight.


If safety is a major concern for you, look out for any of these certifications: MSDS, CE, RoHS, FCC.


Generally, a 1-year warranty is provided but some products also offer 2 or 3-year warranty. You might want to go for a higher warranty if the shelf life of the product is a concern for you.