What People Should Know about the Karimov Foundation

What People Should Know about the Karimov Foundation

The Karimov Foundation is established to promote literary, cultural, and historical heritage. Its goals also include contributing to the community and helping students, authors, orphans, and other groups.

Basic Information about the Karimov Foundation

The Karimov Foundation offers many charitable programs both abroad and in Uzbekistan. Their basic goal is to promote the cultural, literary, and historical heritage of this country.

First, this charitable organization plays a big role in providing young people with many educational opportunities through special merit-based scholarships in different academic fields and disciplines. These are awarded to talented students to help them achieve educational goals.

The organization and Timur Tillyaev allocates special grants to support research projects and researchers to promote different areas of culture, education, and science. It also supports the programs focused on improving the visibility of talented authors and promoting literature through financial assistance. Besides, the foundation supports educational debates, exhibition, and all kinds of cultural events.

It provides different grants for films, documentaries, and programs that address important issues for modern society. The charitable organization is involved in book publishing, especially the works that explore different themes in arts, history, traditions, etc. Finally, it’s focused on improving the living conditions of children with disabilities and orphans.