Branches in Switzerland

Branches in Switzerland

You can create branches in Switzerland not only for Swiss companies, and for foreign companies abroad, who want to expand on the Swiss market. Persons who wish to do business on their own usually have sole ownership of a particular company. Regarding the opening of a branch by a foreign company in Switzerland, there are two ways in which a foreign company can establish its presence in the Swiss market, among which is:

  • the opening of a branch in Switzerland;
  • the opening of a subsidiary.

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The main characteristics of a branch

The choice of the type of division depends on the degree of autonomy of this branch, which should have a new business structure in relation to the parent company.

One of the peculiarities, and perhaps the most important one, is the peculiarity of the Swiss branch, the degree of its dependence on the parent company: for example, a foreign company is fully responsible for its subdivision operating in Switzerland for its debts and duties.

In addition, the Swiss branch of the company is not a separate company with the status of a legal entity, although it must be registered in the Swiss Register of Companies. Registration of a branch does not require a minimum share capital, as required by the creation of the company itself.