Play & Always Win With Chess Calculator

Play & Always Win With Chess Calculator

chess calculator is a complex computer program that tells the player the best possible moves for the game. Users can set the pieces of chess according to the conditions on the board and the calculator will tell the best possible move for the color selected. You don’t need to download it, they are available online.

How to use it?

The online version as well as the offline version, both are easy-to-useIt has a good user interface. There’s a chess-board on one side of the screen and other settings on the other.

  • Move the pieces on the board as per the pieces currently in the game.
  • Select the piece to move.
  • Give the calculator the time for thinking. Yes, the user decides how quickly he needs the move. The more the time user gives, the better the next move for the player is. Giving less time to the app is not recommended.

The chess calculator is preferred over chess-bot when the player doesn’t want to use a program for the whole game but needs it only for some moves during the game.

 How to make it stronger?

What if the opponent is using a calculator too? Who’ll win in a bot-vs-bot game? The player with the stronger program. You can make it stronger by:

  • Better computer hardware. Better the hardware, the more the calculation it can perform in the same amount of time.
  • Use the latest version. Updates make it better.
  • Use all the cores of the CPU you have.

Faster the computer is, better will be the app calculations and more will be your chances of winning.


The chess calculator is not an app your anti-virus will want on your computer. Most anti-virus software marks it as malicious. However, it’s a false alarm and the app is completely safe to use. It can be added to the whitelist of the anti-virus.