Technologies that Trodax uses

Technologies that Trodax uses

For the first time, Trodax created its own automatic mechanism that works during the trading process. This mechanism was called hybrid intelligence. Find more by clicking on the link The so-called hybrid intellect operates according to a specific algorithm that combines several processes. First, forecasting possible outcomes from buying or selling cryptocurrency is carried out. At the next stage, you can already choose which operation our bot needs to do: buy or sell currency if the price suits you.

Our hybrid intelligence has advantages in use, unlike many other trading systems. Among them:

  • Screening of trading results;
  • The bot does not trade without your knowledge;
  • Receiving a profit;
  • You do not lose your money;
  • All risks are reduced to a minimum.

Our algorithm eliminates the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency on unfavorable conditions for our users. If you do not have experience in trading on the stock exchanges, you still watch all the operations that our bot performs and the results.

The hybrid intelligence that underlies all Trodax bots is considered more advanced than many other trading mechanisms. First of all, it concerns safety and risk prevention. The bot immediately gives the result and does not make transactions after which you can lose your money. The combination of mathematical algorithms configured by experienced traders from around the world and taking into account all the statistics based on the growth and decline of cryptocurrency in the past makes Trodax the most competent and secure algorithm for trading.