Online storing of bitcoins and protection of your safety with Bestmixer

Online storing of bitcoins and protection of your safety with Bestmixer

There is a huge variety of options of how to store your bitcoins, however, all of them have their disadvantages. Online storing, for example, is riskier in terms of tracking and hacking. Users should clearly understand the system and work on their safety, including using additional tools like Bestmixer.

What you should know about the online storing

Before learning about the online storing, it is important to understand that all bitcoin wallets can be divided into hot and cold wallets. Hot wallets are less safe but more flexible. Keeping money in hot storage is the same as carrying money in your pocket. Cryptocurrency in such wallets will always be at hand in access from any device.

This is good for quick sending to the stock exchange or other people, but bad from a security point of view, because data, including the private key for sending funds, is stored on remote servers. Cold wallets are great in security terms. You kind of hide the money under the floorboard or lock it in your safe. Such wallets do not need constant communication with the network.

Private keys and money are stored on your device or paper. Yes, it is safe, but at the same time, it is not very convenient if you need to send money urgently. Thereby, many users still use hot wallets. It is possible to track all of them during the purchase or transaction if you do not use a bitcoin mixer to prevent tracking.

Controlled online wallets

The easiest option to store cryptocurrencies is to use a hot wallet on some service. It’s convenient and simple to keep money somewhere there, but the remote server can be hacked, confiscated by the feds, jammed with DDOS attacks, blocked by the government, or go bankrupt.